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Useful phrases - expressing opinions

Asking for an opinion

What do you think, (Emma)?
What's your opinion, (Per)?

Giving an opinion

I think...
I believe that...
In my opinion...
I feel that....
If you ask me, ...
Well, as I see it, ...
As far as I'm concerned...
I would like to add that...
That's why I feel that...
Yes, but what I'm really saying is...
What I'm trying to say is....


Yes, I agree
I agree with what you (you, Maria) said.
Yes, you're right.
I agree with (you, with Peter) completely.

Yes, I agree but...
I agree in a way, but...
Well, it depends. (Explain)


I disagree.
I don't agree.
No, I think you're wrong
No, that's not right.
I don't think I agree with you there.
Excuse me, I'm not sure...
Are you sure?
Just a minute. It isn't like that at all.
I'm not so sure about that.
I wouldn't say that exactly.
No, no, you've got that wrong.
You can't say that.
I can't believe there's any truth in that.
That can't be right.
That's no proof.
Come on!
Surely not!
Come off it!
I don't know about that.


Can I just say something?
Just a minute!
Could you stop there for a moment?
Could I just say something about that?
Before you go on, let me...
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